Tattoo Removal

If you decide you no longer need the tattoo you have there are options for you. The most significant factor is the size. The larger the tattoo the more dramatic the “cure”.  The optimal choice depends on the individual tattoo and may involve one of the following treatments.

  • Various lasers
  • Dermabrasion
  • Surgical excision

Surgical removal is one option. To do this for a large tattoo, a staged excision may be needed to remove the tattoo and leave a single line scar. This technique recruits normal skin to replace the tattoo. Two or three small operations take out small amounts of the tattoo until the formerly large tattoo is completely gone.

A consultation with Dr. Hobbs will give you the data you need to determine what is best for you The cost is dependent on the size of the tattoo, the location on the body, the depth of the tattoo, and the color of the tattoo. Tattoo removal is not covered by insurance. The consult fee for this would be included in the surgical fee for the tattoo removal if you pursue it.

I am writing to thank you for doing such an excellent job of removing my birthmark. In case you do not remember, you took a big mole off my cheek two Thursdays ago. Thank you again.

Patient – After Removal of a Birthmark

Birthmark Removal

A birthmark is a spot on the skin which has been there from birth. These aberrations very greatly in color, size, and shape. They may be inconspicuous or distracting, especially if it is on the face. Some have been such a problem that the person has become very self-conscious and birthmark removal has become a solution.

The type of birthmark will need to be identified before the method of removal may be determined. These included vascular malformations, hemangiomas, pigmented spots, and congenital moles (nevi). Some birthmarks such as salmon patches may disappear but most do not and may grow in size as the person grows. Others may become a health risk should they become cancerous.

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