Can a scar be removed?

No guarantees can be made regarding scar removal since each person’s skin heals differently depending on pigmentation, age, hormones, sun damage, genetics and other factors. Scars may be camouflaged in natural creases and not be noticeable unless the skin is examined very closely. Three major factors concerning scar removal or scar revision are:

WIDTH – The width of the scar may be reduced by surgical revision. 

COLOR – The color of the scar may be improved with time becoming less red. Protection from ultra-violet or direct sunlight will reduce freckle or hyper-pigmentation in the scar. 

CONTOUR – The contour of the skin’s surface, if irregular, such as with acne scars, can be removed and/or improved with surgery in the form of dermabrasion or laser treatment. 

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Real Results

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Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my scar. It may not have seemed like a big scar to other people but it really affected my life. Now I’m not embarrassed to swim, or ski, or to have people see my forehead! I really appreciate your help.

– BJ

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