Each year Dr. Hobbs travels to another country to do volunteer surgery on children primarily, and occasionally an adult. Most of these surgeries are life transforming. To release a burn contracture so a child can use their hand again or release a neck contracture so they can lift their head helps them become a normal functioning individual in society.  To repair a cleft lip and palate improves a child’s life dramatically so that they …

  • do not have a “broken face”,
  • can eat properly,
  • may be understood when they talk,
  • are not ostracized,
  • are not considered mentally handicapped,
  • may obtain a job,
  • and may even get married.

Because Asians statistically have the greatest incidence of cleft lip and palates, Dr. Hobbs has travelled most frequently to this region of the world. Each trip is unique because it does not include the same group of medical professionals and is rarely to the same place. The pages listed in the right hand column will gradually document these trips back to his very first trip in 1979.

The world map on this page depicts many of the countries in which Dr. Hobbs has served.