Hand Surgery

Dr. Hobbs provides both surgical, such as reconstructive hand surgery, and non-surgical approaches to hand surgery.

Non-surgical solutions may include antibiotics, cortisone injections, splints, fiberglass casts, and medication for gout, arthritis, and circulation problems. Non-surgical laser rejuvenation of the hand to remove age spots is also available. An experienced hand therapy specialist works with many patients either before or after surgery to enhance their outcome.

Dr. Hobbs wants to answer your questions and have you involved in all aspects of your hand care. The best results involve much more than just a surgical procedure. Educational printed materials on various hand conditions are available at no charge through our office.

Dr. Hobbs, who is a member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, recommends the ASSH educational materials for more detailed information on hand problems.

Some of the surgical conditions treated by Dr. Hobbs include:

Be sure to CONTACT us with any questions or concerns about your hands.